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?? Welcome to the English supportgroup for SocializenOnline ??

This group is created for our english-speaking members, looking for support, new friends, to ask their questions, regarding the website SocializenOnline.

This website is mainly focussed on a Dutch audience, because it's a dutch website, but we are welcoming members from all countries of the world! Therefore we needed an English support group for people who don't speak dutch, to help them to find their way around this website, to share their knowledge about this website with other english-speaking members, to promote their groups or pages and to ask ANY question and share tips regarding this website!

If you are looking for new members for your groups or likes on your pages, you can share the link to that page here. Also you can share links to articles, written on this website in the BLOG-section for your english-speaking followers.

You can introduce yourself here if you are looking for new friends in your area or to other members who are speaking english!


? No spamming allowed
? No sexual content allowed
? No cursing, swearing or profanity allowed
? When you join this goup, you automatically agree to the groups-rules
? If you don't agree with the rules or in case you are misbehaving, your membership to this group will be terminated!

The rules of this group may be changed without any further notification!


This is the English support group for the website SocializenOnline, On this group you can ask your questions, regarding the website SocializenOnline, share your tips and knowledge with other members of the group and website who are speaking another language than Dutch.

Because SocializenOnline is focussed mainly on a Dutch and Belgian speaking audience, we also needed a supportgroup for people from other countries that are using this website.

Feel free to join the group and Socialize!