Play Baccarat Online

The increasing popularity of online casinos in Malaysia has led to players being able to play Baccarat online via electronic devices. Now players can play Baccarat online anytime, anywhere.

In both real casinos and online platforms, Baccarat is one of the most popular card games. Baccarat has clear rules that are easy to understand. Compared to other table games, you do not have to learn complex strategies, rules and countless combinations. Below you will learn how to play Baccarat online.

Step 1:

Choose a free online Baccarat game at any Online Casino Malaysia. Malaysia Online Casinos usually offer more than one variant for players to choose from. Since it is an online game, you can access it from a mobile gambling application or mobile-friendly website.

Step 2:

When you look at a free Baccarat table, you will see the betting ranges, the minimum or maximum bet, and the betting ranges. To bet on specific areas of the table, select the desired chip values. Drag and drop the chips onto the area you want to bet on. Click the DEAL button when you are ready to play.

Step 3:

The game begins. Each Banker and Player tries to get the highest value. If the Banker or Player has a face value of 8 or 9, neither party needs to draw an additional card. This move is called a stand. If the Player has a face value of less than 5, he draws a third card. This move is called a hit.

Step 4:

You can choose to bet on the Banker or the Player. The pay-out for a winning Player is 1/1; 19/20 for a winning Banker hand; and 8/1 if both hands end in a Tie.

Step 5:

Once the winner is determined, you will be paid your winnings immediately. After that, you have the option to double your bet, repeat the previous bet, or start over.

Free Online Baccarat vs Real Money Baccarat

Before get into the real game, we advise you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the demo mode compared to the full-fledged version.


You can practice Baccarat for free if you are a beginner, without taking any risk for yourself and your wallet;
– Once you learn new strategies, you can immediately try them out in practice and improve them;
– Try different versions of the game and choose the one that suits your preferences;
– You are not limited in your means – you can play Baccarat online for fun and as long as you want, and it does not depend on the amount of money you have.


– Bonuses from promotions can be used only in real money games;
– You cannot bet or win real money in the demo version;
– In the demo version, unlike the live version, you do not compete with real players.
– For players who have decided to try free online Baccarat, there are a few options.

Play & Win Live Baccarat for Real Money

You have already learned the rules and combinations and now you are ready to apply your strategies in a real game. Try playing online Baccarat for real money, the rules are exactly the same as in the demo version.

Here are general instructions that apply to almost every casino:
– Register on your chosen casino (or log into your existing account);
– Register your e-wallet account at the platform you’re using;
– Make a deposit;
– Head on to the “Games” section and look for “Baccarat”;
– Pick on the variant of Baccarat you like to bet;
– Join the game and win for real money!

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