My interest has actually increased in RuneScape

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I stopped'for great' following RS3 hit, particularly when the combat changes were made, as RuneScape went downhill for me. I came back into OSRS, but I was dismayed to observe all my years old could be lost in OSRS and I would want to begin at level 1. All things lost, all progress and quests reset. It simply didn't seem worth it. I was the 12 to 18 year old that could spend their free time playing games all day, daily, I am a graduate student now. I did not like RuneScape 2007 gold together with my character either, and so I quit. Until now.

I had a reaction of everything moving assuming that it would result in things being pay-to-win when I found out that you can buy bonds and sell for in-game gp. But little did I know how wrong I was. But not actually, if anything it allowed me to have fun using RuneScape. I forgot how tedious RuneScape can be, also costly things may get.

As an example, training Magic requires purchasing a slew of runes. Runes cost a great deal of cash, and without it you'd need to grind hours in some manner or another. Plus I feel as if I'm more in a"catch-up" mode than being a newbie who's going through this for the very first time who needs the'experience'. I spent quite a little of the gold and I can definitely say I don't have any regrets, and I made my experience enjoyable. Plus, the actual in-game needs to use certain pieces, such as magic, attack, defense, range, strength, etc. requirements keep you from receiving all the best equipment and sporting them, meaning that I feel like I have a gigantic prize before me, rather than feeling like"I just have to grind to par X so that I can then begin grinding level Y to find some equipment Z to grind...", etc.. I love it.

I will honestly say I'm loving RuneScape again. It's extremely enjoyable to play especially when you can actually get far better gear early on that lessens the amount of grind and hours you need to put in. Does anybody else have a experience? Thanks. Forgot to mention the higher in level you go, the more expensive items get; the quantity of gp I am eager to buy is limited, but the end-game multi-million dollar gear is stuff that is way out of reach. So I will still be farming gp the ordinary way after I have to buy loot that is worth tens of thousands of millions, but I see it as a'shortcut' to the reach that point where I can farm gp that way.

I can see both sides for this. My interest has actually increased in RuneScape. Some individuals, like you, just want to have the items and perform the high level material. Other people, like me, like doing the mill and earning the items as that gives me a sense of accomplishment. In the end they are both fantastic strategies to play and neither really affects another. In fact when I play my pseudo ironman accounts (not officially ironman just so I can sell things to afford bonds) people like you are the only thing that maintain my playstyle potential! Also people purchased gold online anyhow, all that adding bonds did is add a means to do that benefits the community as a whole.

My rule of thumb is I buy bonds to convert into GP, but the GP can only be used to buy stuff that empowers me to do content. But gear itself has to be earned - this way, there is still a feeling of progression and achievable goals.

I occasionally buy bonds on my account. 2005-2010 pretty much daily I played with buy RS3 gold. By the time eoc arrived and murdered RuneScape for me I had been maxed battle and had a nice bank of about 300m, I was happy with that since I never staked it had been earnt through grinding slayer. On and off for a few decades then completely quit playing rs around 2015, recently return and combined old school lately with lockdown I'm playing alot more and I do not care if people flame me for buying bonds lol. I did my mill 10 years back, if I could skip some grind to enjoy higher level content I will.