RS3 on the otherhand has skills you have to click to defeat your opponent

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RS3 on the otherhand has skills you have to click to defeat your opponent

The principal differences in my opinion. OSRS has more afk battle: (generally ) it's more click and wait till your opponent is dead. RS3 on the RS gold otherhand has skills you have to click to defeat your opponent. OSRS has community. But RS3 has in my view pvm articles that is endgame. OSRS has graphics. RS3 looks newer. RS3 has more QoL features than OSRS. As they don't need easyscape, OSRS is against QoL. As grinding too much is not enjoyable in comparison to 10 years ago but I rather have easyscape.

If you don't need pay2win and also to grind out your eyes, OSRS is the thing to do. The one thing you can buy with cash legally is bonds which you can use for membership or sell for in gold. There is nothing else. RS3 provides daily challenges / weekly for a spin and xp the wheel kind trades. They've a promotion for it every now and then you can spend money to purchase xp/ get gold/ items. Someone did it and while it cost 13k USD to max, it's potential and in RuneScape game. There auras that require you to pay to obtain points to purchase them along with a bunch of makeup in RuneScape game.

The UI is a mess, I played with back in the afternoon but Idk what is going on today it is too cluttered. I've played RuneScape since 08 and been playing OSRS off and on since release. In my view OSRS is the superior. Certainly PvP, and skilling. Additionally, it had a much bigger community. There's also a solo developer making a"OS Remastered" client currently which is working on updating graphics heavily. Look up it and combine the discord, it is pretty great!

This is the subreddit, therefore remember you might get some skewed responses. Here is my take: OSRS is MUCH grindier as a complete but easier to playwith. It has involved a whole lot more robust, and early and mid-game content. The neighborhood is a lot bigger on OSRS, the PVP is really big (on RS3 theres essentially no PVP), and also the endgame PVM is there for OSRS, but not as complex or mechanic heavy. There's almost no MTX whatsoever.

Back in RS3, mid-game and the early are there but are smaller and much quicker. There's a very clear focus on what some folks would call endgame content. The level skilling is good as well and there are a lot of solid, albeit much quicker, choices. Because of the skillers skill above level 99. The PVM on RS3 is huge and will be the bread and butter RuneScape. The skills and combat system are overhauled and provide endless possibilities. There's reward for all time and effort you put in to RS3 PVM. You see instant DPS improvement the time. The graphics are cheap OSRS gold better and there are quests on RS3.