I have undoubtedly played previously but never got too deep in to it

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I have undoubtedly played previously but never got too deep in to it

I found Archeology dull and slow. The lore is cool but that's kinda it. Having played RS3 a decent bit the past couple months, what I want in OSRS is osrs gold paypal more quests. RS3 is worth playing with the quests. I really don't remember the xp speeds. I haven't gone back and did it. I do remember you get very little xp until you are able to fix an item then it provides a boost. Getting that item is slow. I found it slow and an slog. I can't think of a skill that is worse to train.

I definitely think a skill that's in agreement with the present speed/pace of gaming is needed by osrs. It would be nice to have a skill that isn't such a grind. A lot of us are comfortable and embrace the mill since it's all we know. Like lots of players are put off by it, I feel. Would be great for players if there was a more interactive ability which didn't feel like such a tireless slog and actually rewarding in short bursts. Osrs has done well with in this regard to PVM using the mechanisms for supervisors. Stuff like gauntlet, zalcono as well as the newest agility are great steps in the right direction. It has been refreshing to see a brand new way to train skills.

I think that it would be well done and received by the neighborhood In case jagex implemented all of this to a brand new ability. I believe hallowed sepulchre is a good model of how they ought to design content that is skilling. The XP rates should be equivalent or lower to meta training, but also make it actually engaging and enjoyable to perform. Since I can enjoy the sepulchre for an hour, I do hallowed runs seers at 50k. People so often get mad at removing"the mill", but it's still gonna require dozens of hours to max a skill with participating content if you make the xp rates the same as current training methods. The grind will actually be a game rather than spam clicking.

Imo you have it backwards. Meta due to focus and clicks demanded ought to not be in xp or xp that is greater than Sepulchre. Enjoyment shouldn't be a variable. End game supervisors need large attention for good benefit. Sepulchre requires the exact same. Agree with the doctrine, although I think sweaty people complain when new coaching approaches come out that are meta xp prices, so it's probably difficult to pass changes that transcend current training methods. Plus there's a gp element we're currently ignoring in this. Sepulchre makes more money so that should be accounted for in xp prices.

I left an account about a month ago; I have undoubtedly played previously but never got too deep in to it. I have been following this exploration guide since I began. I'm up to Elemental Workshop II, save for 1-2 quests before in the list that I didn't feel like doing atm. So basically, I can use the soul trees, gnome glider, and between those and my Varrock tele, home tele, and ring of arriving, I've managed to move around the map fairly comfortably. But, I'm kind of bored with only running quests and wish to try something different for a little change of pace. For reference, these are my stats, and I've already knocked out Varrock simple diaries and the Falador. Given my current skill levels, what would you guys recommend? Also, any suggestions on making gold would be buy RuneScape gold fine. I feel as though I could be making more doing something else although so far I've just been turning flax in to bow string.